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Of a truth, no one knows what our lives will be like tomorrow. The Bible says in James that, “You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” 

If that’s the case, then I want my vapor, your vapor to count. What dreams, ideas and goals do you have that are yet to be fulfilled in your life? Just because you are on the other side of 20, 30, 40 years and beyond, doesn’t mean that ship has since sailed away.

Today on Victory in Mind, we look for inspiration in those who, at different ages and stages in their lives, pursued that which they believe they were created to be and to do, regardless of whether they started their quest in their 40s or beyond. 

I’m here to encourage you, to inspire you… It’s never too late to do that one thing. Go ahead, light the embers still simmering inside of you, waiting for that opportune time to be lit. 

That time is now!


[00:00:00] Intro music and voice over narration for the show

[00:00:43] Introduction to the show

[00:01:00] So what happens when it feels like life is just not fair?

[00:01:35] What might you be telling yourself.

[00:02:13] Focus of today’s episode: I’m here to remind you to encourage you, don’t count yourself out.

[00:03:11] So, are you in your forties? Here are some examples of people just like you and I who pursued their dreams.

[00:04:29] We are each a unique creation, created to follow our own unique life passions.

[00:05:01] Are you in your fifties? Here are some examples of people just like you and I who pursued their dreams.

[00:05:58] So keeping it real, life can throw curve balls or priorities come up that are just out of our control.

[00:06:31] Well, are you in your sixties? Here are some examples of people just like you and I who pursued their dreams.

[00:07:54] Today, I am here to remind you not to count yourself out.

[00:08:36] We talked about this similar situation in a previous episode of Victory in Mind podcast, episode five, where we spoke about or on tenacity and staying the course.

[00:09:09] Well, this completes the first part of this two part series of not counting yourself out. I want to encourage you, keep at it.

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Thanks for staying tuned to Victory in Mind. We appreciate you. I’m your host, Waceke Wambaa  thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope.

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How about Sam Walton who founded the first Walmart at 44 years old? He was business minded. Maybe you are. So keep at it. Keep at it like Jack Weil who was 45 years old when he founded the most popular cowboy wear brand, Rockmount Ranch wear. He remained at CEO until he died at the age of 107.


Are you a chef or a cook like Julia Child who wrote her first cookbook and later debut it in "The French Chef" when she was 50 years old. How about Tim and Nina Zagat who were lawyers and had interests that collided because when they were both in their early, early fifties, they established and published their first collection of restaurant reviews under the Zagat name, which eventually became a mark of culinary authority. So think about where your interests and current education skills might collide. Or how about Wally Blume who after years of working for somebody else, he decided to strike it out on his own and founded, Denali Flavors at 57 years old.

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We are looking for people to live out their full potential. Come join the tribe. I'm your host, Waceke Wambaa thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope.