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Have we ever stopped long enough to closely look at some of the preparation processes we ascribe to our kids, that they might actually be just what we need to take ourselves from ‘mundane’ and ‘maybe one day’ to, ‘Yes, I finally made it!’ 

May you find inspiration for secrets to your success in this episode of Victory in Mind Podcast.

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[00:01:00] Introduction to the show:As we think about all the preparation and things that have to happen for kids to get prepared for school month after month, year after year, it behooves us to kind of pay attention to some of the things that we do and say for our kids that keys to our success are already right in front of our noses.

[00:03:27]  Flexibility. Like our kids, are we also flexible with ourselves and the circumstances that we face to be able to stay the course or adapt as needed?

[00:05:29] Preparation is key in warding off increased levels of anxiety, moving in confidence towards our desired objectives

[00:06:56] Goal Setting.Knowing where you want to be at the end of this year and beyond, helps bring to focus what you want to see accomplished during these months that will directly positively impact your goals.

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ViM - 25 | Did you know secrets to your success can be found right under your nose? Part 1


You think about all the preparation and all the things that have to happen for you as a parent to even start this process, let alone continue this process. Month after month, semester after semester or quarter, year after year. And it behooves us to kind of pay attention to some of the things that we do and say for our kids that maybe, they might help us out... A lesson in preparation.

This is part one of a two-part series. Welcome.


But, have we ever stopped to look at some of the preparation process we ascribed to our kids? And how closely they parallel the same preparation for our own success?

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Circumstances are such that we have asked our kids to be flexible over and over and over again with their overall health and wellbeing being paramount in our minds. Isn't it about time we to exercise our own flexibility muscles towards the success of all our end of year endeavors and beyond?

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We prepare for our kids' success, isn't it about time we to diligently prepare and work towards our own success?


For example, simple goals for the semester may be your child being able to do their homework consistently, completing assignments on time, making band practice, not losing their book bag or sweater within the first few days of school, et cetera. Or other long-term goals like the opportunity to establish and cultivate friendships, some who will be lifelong friends, that they may discover new talents and interests and so forth.

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