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Celebrating the Original Influencer in our midst… our mothers.

On this Mother’s Day, can we just agree… before there was Social Media, indoor plumbing and the like, mothers worldwide have been, are and continue to be the Original Influencer – generation after generation.

If you’re like me, you’ve argued with them, agreed, cried with and because of them, laughed with and yes, sometimes at them, smiled on the inside and outside because of them. You and I have been influenced for the good, bad and or ugly, directly correlated to them.

With all this in mind, I find that if given the opportunity, I will gladly celebrate them. How about you? Is there something worth celebrating with your Original Influencer? Then Celebrate it. Let her know.

At the end of this Podcast, I have included an original “Ode of Thanksgiving” I composed to our Original Influencers. Feel free to share it with any woman who fits the bill.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Original Influencers.


[00:00:00] You are an Original Influencer or you have been around an Original Influencer if… 

[00:01:45] Intro music and voice over narration for the show

[00:02:18] Introduction to the show as we celebrate the Original Influencer, our mothers with a minimal of seven points of thanksgiving for their influence on our lives.

[00:03:10] Number one. How they influence from the beginning of the beginning, which is before the beginning… 

[00:03:54] Two. Influencers fight on our behalf. Mommas around the world fight on our behalf when all of the voices have been rendered silent. You are forever that superinfluencer, a “Momma bear” protecting her cubs, championing us all the way!

[00:05:32] Three. Influences as the frame with which we view the world. Remember learning how to dress, or not to dress, how to act…  swagger. Before there was social media, there was mama. 

[00:07:14] Four. Influencing with wisdom, or sometimes we’d like to believe maybe not. “I have become just like mom… when and how did this happen?”

[00:08:32] Number five. Influencing when you didn’t even have a prototype. Not everyone has had a mother as an influence in their life. Yet you have risen and become a positive influencer to so many seen and unseen people around you

[00:09:24] Number six. Influences who don’t seek notoriety… imagine that. You don’t seek notoriety as the number one influencer, yet you just are. You influence by your presence whether here or departed, you’ve stamped the air with your sustaining influence.

[00:10:59] Number seven. Influences influence just by us knowing they care. How you continuously put your life before ours, we will never truly see the bigness of that sacrificial picture.

[00:11:55]Original ODE of thanks to all the Original Influencers in our midst, our mothers.

[00:14:00] Thank you for tuning in to today’s episode of Victory in Mind podcast. Be sure to rate, review, share and subscribe to this podcast. It really helps us grow. I’ll see you all next week.

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Happy Mother's Day! Celebrating The Original Influencer


And yes, we celebrate International Mother's Day in May, but there are also various States of celebration globally whether together with International Women's Day in March, or in conjunction with the Spring Equinox, or as part of Mothering Day celebrations in May, and many more dates and months throughout the year. Whatever the date, the idea of celebrating the Original Influencer is simple. To celebrate our mums for their inherent worth.


I mean, think about it. From the time we marinate in their wombs as the cradle us in their own unique, protective embrace, they influence us by the foods they eat, the way they internalized thoughts and ideas, express emotions and reactions to any given situation... The feelings, these Original Influencers transmit to us while still in the womb.

Biologically, their bodies nurture the growing baby in their wombs as top priority, even before mama. Who, but mom can do it?


Then, they've raised us and often know things about us that only a mother can know and understand. It is with this same deep level of love that they fight on our behalf when all of the voices have been rendered silent. When the strength of others fail. Mom, you are forever that superinfluencer, a "Momma bear" protecting her cubs.

You have [:[:with the salt of our primary [:

Often, our moms will influence at least how we originally dress, or choose not to dress, how we act... our swagger. When we play dress up, glamorize ourselves or pretend to be a doctor, a homemaker, a lawyer, an astronaut, a teacher, chef, whatever it is. Before there was social media, there was mama.

[:[:ence life outside the direct [:[:ount. Yet you have risen and [:[:

Based solely on your role as a mom, your mumness, you don't ask how many likes your YouTube channel of your life has. Nor do you see who is following you across other social media pages or whether you are getting air time at local community events. You don't seek notoriety as the number one influencer, yet you just are. You influence by your presence.

And when your feet no longer [:[:[:

When you cry over us and for us, somehow, your tears have more weight, gravitas, than all the oceans in the world... we know if need be, somehow you would and will find a way to move the location of mountains just for us. That is how much you love us and how we know you want us to succeed and be protected. How you continuously put your life before ours, we will never truly see the bigness of that sacrificial picture. We'll never truly understand. That is the impact of you, our mothers. Our number one influencer.


Thank you for knowing that stretch marks would come and still being willing to carry us to term.

Thank you for deciding that sleepless nights were worth it in the end

To see us healthy, to see us fed.

Thank you for wiping our butts time and time and time again

Not caring if we threw up on you, as long as we got better in the end.

For the many times, we frustrated and maybe angered you.

Thank you for being patient enough that often in the end, a hug would see us both through.

Thank you for knowing me better sometimes than I know myself.

Yet giving me The space to become sometimes something else

Being willing for me to learn the lessons, to try, to fail and get back up.

ve me the pep talk needed to [:

Thank you for the days that have long gone by

Where you've celebrated schooling, university and such.

Now with gratitude as I get older, I'm starting to understand

That being a mother goes way beyond what we all can comprehend.

So to all the Original Influencers in our midst, we say thank you - to you mothers, aunts, sisters, and friends, Happy Mother's Day.