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In this continuation of Episode 7, Decades worth of Strong Evidence… Never again count yourself out! Part 1, I want to remind both you and I that age can no longer serve as a valid reason for not living life with Victory in Mind. In Ep 7, we started our count up with the 40 – 49 year old age group up until the 60 – 69 year old age group. Today, we continue with our count up. Like me, you might be surprised, challenged and inspired at what you hear in this episode. 

That in spite of or despite of time, place and circumstance, these individuals each forge a path to living out their lives to the fullest. They challenge the concept of being “past one’s prime”. Let this be an inspiration to you. 

Dust off your boots and keep living and walking with victory in mind.


[00:00:00] Intro music and voice over narration for the show

[00:00:43] Introduction to the show: Victory in Mind podcast, your guide to living each day with purpose. Recap of Episode 7 – which is Part one of this 2 part series: Talking about the overriding theme of the series: how not to discount ourselves, I highlighted how you can’t turn away from you. That there’re things that are still burning in you. Dreams deferred. The What Ifs.

[00:01:24] Some of the questions you might be asking like how can I generate an income? What can I do? Because the job or work that I did no longer is there. Call to action to do something with what you might already have in your possession.

[00:02:12] Ages discussed in Episode 7 and plan for this episode today.

[00:02:48] What counting yourself out might be an age thing expressed from the outside or that “practical voice”coming from your insides.

[00:04:06] So if you are in your seventies, here are some examples of people just like you and I, who pursued their dreams, count yourself in the mix: Anna Mary Roberston Moses started at 75

[00:04:46] How about Peter Mark Roget achieved at 72 something established at 8 years old.

[00:05:38] But Waceke, what about my real situation?

[00:06:31] Eighties and still doing their thang

[00:06:47] Bill Traylor – it’s not always easy. 

[00:07:03] Melchora Aquino de Ramos – never backing down

[00:08:00] There are resources to help if the battle is too tough to face on your own

[00:08:26] Nineties… strut your stuff!!

[00:08:39] Harry Bernstein – starting at 93!

[00:08:53] Giuseppe Paterno, going back to school and graduating, at 96!

[00:09:27] High stress, high performance – Warren Buffet 90 years old. I tip my hat off to you Sir!

[00:10:02] My friends, your time, my time is not yet over.

[00:10:31] Still sitting on the fence… You must be a hundred years or older. Don’t worry, Fauja Singh, at 100, he’s still got game and teaches us… no excuses!

[00:12:00] Inspiration is right around the corner. Don’t discount yourself

[00:12:48] What do you have a passion for? Only you can answer that question.

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Thanks for staying tuned to Victory in Mind. We appreciate you. I’m your host, Waceke Wambaa thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope.

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ViM - Ep 9 Important - Never Again Count Yourself Out - Part 2


Or whether age-ism is being practiced. And age-ism is a real thing. Where unfortunately, people are discounted based on their age. That they don't have anything else left to give.

But you have whatever's in you to give and everything you have done in your life up to now is also to be celebrated. So we don't discount our past achievements. We just say, okay, is there something else that I wanted to pursue in my life that maybe I haven't yet tapped into? Maybe now is the time.

[:[:t gallery show in New York in:[:[:[:[:[:he Revolution before dying in:So I [:[:[:[:[:[:

Perhaps it's time for you to dust off past and previous hopes and dreams that you shelved. Past passions and pursuits. Those personal interests that were deferred for a season. Perhaps now is that season to hope and pursue what you are created to be and to do.


As long as you have breath in you, you have an opportunity to give whatever your heart burns a chance to burn. A chance of freedom. A chance to be who you were created to be in that one instance. For that one thing in your life. Light up the ambers and see what you can burn.