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It helps when we are able to find and embrace the joy of the season, of the moment, even as some things in life yet remain unsettled.

So let’s stop, take a deep breath as we capture that break in the clouds…  the gratitude, the joy filled part of this very moment in time. Where we take a minute to breathe in the sounds, the flavors of life. That’s what today’s Podcast is about.

So here’s to summer sunshine, the spaces, people and places, those refueling stops, the pockets of joy that keep us living and walking with victory in mind.

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[00:00:00] Show trailer 

[00:00:47]  Intro music and voice over narration for the show

[00:01:20] Introduction to the show 

[00:02:14] Making the case for summer joy. 

[00:04:23] What we chose to embrace. Focus of today’s episode. [00:05:34] Celebrating food and the associated companionship and celebration of life and family it may bring to you. 

[00:06:07] For all you candy lovers out there, June is the National Candy month. Do you know what day National Almond Butter Crunch Day and National Ice Cream Soda day are? Let me tell you… 

[00:06:38] June is also the National Dairy and Dairy Alternatives month. National Strawberry Parfait day and National Porridge Day wanna join the party. Let me tell you when. 

[00:07:14] Drum roll for these ones please. 

[00:08:03] June is all about fairness with both National Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Month and the National Steakhouse and National Turkey Lovers Month reside. 

[00:08:39] I didn’t see this one coming… 

[00:09:22] Whatever the day, whatever the occasion, the intent is the same: to take a minute out of the busyness of life and experience the joy of celebrating life.

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And then there are the sport events, or just going somewhere for an event and venues opening up to having crowds of people around, reveling in the live tangible experience of competition and community and dancing and just having fun.

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Thinking about this, I thought during these summer weeks to simply highlight life, the joy and inspiration that we might embrace along our journey. And they can take various shapes and forms. So first things first...

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