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Have you been around people who constantly want to have a party, to celebrate with no genuine impetus for one? Today, a bona fide reason or two or three is ripe for celebratin’!

Here’s to the sisters, girlfriends and friends in our midst, the priceless treasures they are! 

In today’s podcast we will share a couple of points regarding these days, with a spotlight especially on the time period for the creation of National Friendship Day. How there are such strong parallels to this creation and the current volatile, unpredictable climate we are experiencing in our cities, in our communities at large. Food for thought… as we take this time to celebrate those who have built us and our communities up. 

Happy listening!


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[00:01:36] Wooo hoo! National Sisters, National Girlfriends and National Friendship Days are just around the corner! Let’s recognize how we have lifted each other up and then some.

[00:03:17] Emotional triggers just by saying or thinking about the words that define these days. While most memories and emotions may be good, one must pause to recognize that there may and could be feelings of anger of pain. So much to unpack. Maybe yours and my starting point can be with intentional purpose in being someone who makes these National Sisters Day and National Friendship Day worth celebrating. 

[00:05:16] The Origin of National Friendship Day puts a lot into perspective especially in today’s volatile climate. Think about this. [00:08:07] A true sister goes beyond words, hierarchy of birth order or a direct blood connection. Let us take the time to let them know they are appreciated. 

[00:09:52] Conclusion with a Poem celebrating Sisterhood. 

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So here's to all you powerful, loving, compassionate, independent, irritating drama queen divas, sensitive, contagious laughing, aggravating, exasperating, take me as I am, love you forever sister, girlfriends and friends out there. This one is a celebration of you, all that you have been, all that you have done, all that you do and continue to do. Thank you for being you.




Now, that's just next level. So to have a National Sisters Day... for those of you who have been blessed to have sisters or friends who became your sisters, who are the real deal. You know, they are beyond value in their presence in our hearts. Those are just amazing treasures, priceless treasures to have.


When you think of popcorn and fun and of watching movies late into the night. When Pride and Prejudice is gleefully uttered by one, only sisterhood.

When there are frustrations with your man. When it seems no one else can understand, when you wonder who can lend you an ear, sisterhood.

So when I think of God's many blessings and there are many to pick and choose from. One of my favorite ones of all times, it's sisterhood.