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The most memorable life lessons are often be found in the “Can you believe I did that category!” This experience is no different. I will unpack how lessons learned from the escapades of an impromptu 4″ heel walking excursion marry so well with “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. Be inspired as well continue our journey living with victory in mind. Happy Listening!


[00:00:43] Introduction to the show.

[00:01:47] Today, our conversation begs to find out exactly what four inch heels have in common with Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler” song. 

[00:02:11] What tune and lyrics are being referenced to – a cappella rendition.

[00:02:58] Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. – Enter the 4″ heel story. It was all about looking good.

[00:04:42] Consequences of the 4″ heels start piling up Clippety-clop style.

[00:05:43] When wise choices are in short supply.

[00:07:15] Cute had left the building.

[00:07:46] My toes! My toes! Did I even own toes?

[00:08:21] So regarding The Gambler song…

[00:09:02] And I didn’t know when to fold.

[00:09:41] I rationally cancelled Rational thought out. 

[00:10:41] But, instead of walking away, like me, we might keep pushing into what we’re doing when we know it wasn’t good for us in the first place.

[00:11:26] To hold or not to hold? To walk away or stay?

[00:12:29] Decision making – learning the skills on how to listen to ourselves.

[00:13:21] Learning to cast our vision. 

[00:14:19] It’s all about being honest with ourselves.

[00:14:57] We need to work on taking steps that are gonna benefit us in the long run.

[00:15:29] As painful as it was, I love, love, love the lesson of the heels because it’s a tangible experience of how it’s okay to fail.

[00:16:13] What do I need to walk away from? 

[00:16:39] Don’t forgot about the fact that ya need to know how ta run. 

[00:16:58] And you never count your money when you’re sitting at the table, there’ll be time enough for counting when the deal is done. So you are the only one who knows how and when to evaluate some situations.

[00:17:32] “Just keep swimming, swimmin’ swimmin’…” just keep at it, living in and walking with victory in mind.

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[00:18:28] Thanks for staying tuned to Victory in Mind. We appreciate you. I’m your host, Waceke Wambaa thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope.


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This show focuses on strategies and solutions on how to best position ourselves living out our creative potential.

I'm your host, Waceke Wambaa, someone just like you working to putting these strategies to daily use towards fully living out my creative destiny… phew….a whole bunch of words.

But people, I'm here to keep it on the real, real. We are all trying to work our daily hustle.


What kind of tools can we harness that are already within our grasp and or tools that we wanna explore, wanna learn? Things that we wanna cultivate, nurture, grow. And maybe, things that we wanna let go of.

Because ultimately, it’s all about being the best that we can be. We were created to be, and to do amazing stuff! I'm here as your number one, motivator, cheerleader, challenger. Number one encourager.


Now since I’m not looking for any Grammy awards today, I’ll gladly share the song without any any accompanying accoutrements… thank you very much!

You know, that song back in the day where the chorus went something like this,


Know, when to fold 'em,

know when to walk away

And know when to run.

You never count your money

When you're sitting at the table

There'll be time enough for countin'

When the dealin’s done!

Fantastic lyrics! I did want to look at these lyrics a little bit closer:


Now, a couple of years ago, I had these gorgeous, A-mazing four-inch strappy heels. Simply delicious… the kind that give your walk some attitude (with a capital A!) And guys I'm tall. Six foot to be exact. So wearing these heels and having a big hair day, y’all know you're going to see me from a mile away.


So, once I was dressed, can I hear an “Amen” to looking good feeling good and just saying, Yeah, I got it!" … I proceeded to go ahead and walked to the bus stop.


Now I was heading to church, so went to church and then after church, you know, when those bright ideas come you’re way and you're like, "Oh, since I’m out and about let me go ahead and go to the store… in a neighborhood that I don't know that well, but hey, it's a day off, a day of leisure and besides, I'm looking good.

I wanna show people I'm looking good.


Ow, ooh, that hurts, but mh, no one can tell that I'm hurting, cause I got my cute on. I put on my “hide the pain-pretend-all-is-good-face in place,” Thank you very much and proceed on.

So I find the store, get into the store and purchase what I'm purchasing and, "Oh, I didn’t think I was going to go to the store so I didn't bring any bags or prepare myself to go shopping for these impromptu purchases. But hey, I can handle it's just an extra bag or two or three of groceries... and how come the walk back to the bus station is further than I thought?


A greater distance than I normally would have. And seeing how it was a Sunday the bus schedule was limited so someone was in prolonged state self-inflicted misery. I was hur-ting. And how come I also forgot that the alternate bus I decided to take, would drop me at a different bus stopped than was originally planned… dropping me at the base of a hill that normally wasn’t a problem to navigate up to to my apartment. But since I had these heels on for a really, really, really, really long time…


By this time I was hobbling was not even walking. There was no cute in the building. Cute had left the building, I think when I had started going to the grocery store, but obviously I was in a state of denial. I don’t even think I made it halfway up that hill, before removing my shoes, not caring what I walked on! I had so many bags.

I was in such pain.


(Chuckle) I did look good. Actually.

It was a painful good, but I did look good.


Take for example my four inch heels which normally would not hurt to the point beyond rational thought. But clearly, they were not good for me to walk all over the place on uneven hard surfaces, increasing my pain with the not-so-bright-get-out-of-your-way-grocery-visit.


And I didn't know when to fold. I didn't say, hey, what you are currently thinking to do, don’t kid yourself, that’s not a good idea. Did I bother to pay attention to rational thought that tried to come to my aid saying…Errrr Ceke, you’re not set up to walk that long a distance in these 4inch heels on a day when you don't really have options in case all is not well. On top of that, you're going to an area that you're not even certain about. So you don't even know the lay of the land.


Isn’t that's sometimes what we do? How we have a great idea and in context, on the surface it might look good. But if we allow ourselves that extra minute or two to allow true rational thought to have a valued opinion in the conference hall meetings constantly occurring in our minds, we might recognize that idea under serious consideration might actually have Warning! Warning! Red and yellow flashing signs asking the other valued members of me, myself and I to pay close attention to the decision being considered … Huh! Alas, like you, I’ve been guilty of ignoring them. See Exhibit A - the case of the 4” heels!


But there is a point when you've got to know, Hey, I need to step back and step away from this. It worked for a season, but now is not the time. I need to know when it’s time to walk away.


So me and all my cuteness saying in that moment in time, that I could handle the discomfort in my feet because the “Now” objective was to look good… I almost destroyed the nerve feeling in some of my toes and potential future complications that it could have brought.


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