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This week we celebrate the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream Speech.” He was a Changemaker, not only for his generation, but for so many of us who have trodden and will tred upon this earth. 

But don’t you think it’s time today for us to recognize that we too are Changemakers? Those who will stand for truth and make a difference for this generation and the ones to come.

Be inspired as you make a difference!


[00:00:00] Show trailer highlighting the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream speech” delivered on August 28, 1963 the importance of the man, the speech given and our relevance as descendants 

[00:01:10] Introduction to the show. That no matter your sphere of influence, you would be and are the changemaker that you were created to be.

[00:02:06] Changemakers are dressed up in humanity, just like you and I. 

[00:03:30] Changemakers recognize this simple fact, united we stand divided we fall. 

[00:04:53] Three: Changemakers purpose to live intentionally.

[00:06:02] Changemakers recognize that we all bleed the same color. 

[00:07:16]  Changemakers recognize that no matter how small the effort made to be the difference, make a difference, it matters. [00:08:35] Changemakers recognize the value of inherent worth. Your footprint on this earth is so valuable.

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[00:10:57] Outro music and voice over narration for the show


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ViM - 24 | You are a Changemaker ... own it


We can do this through the lessons learned from those who came before us, their singularity of purpose in what they dreamed of, believed and fought for, as a lens to which we too can navigate the world we live in today.

our sphere of influence, you [:[:e abuse in the past. So what [:

Yet, as he grew up in stature with members of his community and exposure on the national stage, his approach to fellow human beings, reminds us that humanity's all about treating anyone you meet - whether stranger or friend, the same way you would want to be treated.

[:to put down and oppress and [:

Now we can postulate and pontificate with masterful oratory skills, natural charisma, and so forth, all in the name of a specific agenda, but if underlying all of this is a deeply rooted discrimination, manipulation, zeal for power at the expense of your and my fellow human being, if we're lacking love, then we just become a noisy gong or a clanging symbol distracting and ultimately upending the natural rhythms of the sounds that emanate from a unified society. So basically we become the song of our own demise.

[:That [:[:

That we would not judge each other by color of our skin, but instead, our character would shine through. Regardless of one's race, we can co-exist recognizing that depth of value comes not from whether you're Caucasian, different shades of brown, yellow, and everything in between. But I wanna know, who you are, what's your character like, because value comes in somebody's character, right?

changemakers recognize that [:

That it's out, not just of the abundance of our hearts that our mouth speak, but our actions are driven by what's in our hearts.

[:nd that first step was taken [:

So whether it feels like what you are doing is not making much difference. Be a changemaker. Know that every little bit of your effort, it counts. You might not see the results, but keep at it.

[:d it is in those differences [:

Guys, we were not created to be robots or clones because then there would be 7 billion other replicas of myself, yourself out there, which is utterly boring and utterly a waste of humanity. But instead we are all so unique, dotting the landscape with a tapestry of the beauty of who you are and, and who your neighbor is and who that stranger is that you're yet to meet... the beauty of humanity. Because you are valuable. You were created because you are valuable and you have something to give to society.

Your footprint on this earth is so valuable.

So don't change it. Celebrate it.

Be the Changemaker you were created to be.


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