Recently, in my community, we have experienced the gift of life and the sting of death in somewhat expected and unexpected forms. Here is part of the story, my story.

That first sight, that first cry

Baby born

Mother, tears in her eyes

The world before us lies.

Fragile life


At this a brand new creation

Fingers, toes everything intact we hope, suppose.

Overwhelming amazement

This tiny tiny thing we waited to appear

Is here.

Breathless wonder

Bright rays and shadows of rays of sunlight piercing the sky behind light and dark clouds on a piercing sky blue day.
Breathless Wonder

On the other side

Final exhale

We mourn, cry 

At that last close of eyes.

A life lived

Lessons learnt. Lessons taught

Family bittersweet

To see you gone,

Pain no more

Destination, somewhere - stark natural beauty with humanity inserted into the picture.
Just breathe

But what happens

When life is seemingly ripped from you



Outside your command?

A wail. Of soul.

What do you do?

I can’t think!

What do you say?

Voice ripped away.

What to believe?


How do you even start to pray?

So many many questions.

Just breathe.

An arid region of the Samburu/Shaba Game reserve in northern Kenya. Stark seemingly barren beauty.
Breathe. Just breathe.





What we believe, perceive, receive, colors the lens of our yesterday, today and thoughts for tomorrow.

What do you see?