About Me

Professional Voice Talent

Waceke Wambaa

As a voice over talent, my passion revolves around storytelling – using my voice as the primary vehicle to deliver your specific message to a targeted audience, whether for medical and corporate narration, commercials, documentaries, explainer videos, promo, audiobooks and so much more!
In my spare time, you can find me dabbling in my back yard, singing, acting, writing books and volunteering as a reader at North Carolina Reading Service. I love culture, love to experience people and the unique stories that drive their lives.

But just who or what is TataCeke?

Well, since you asked… TataCeke is actually two words put together, “Tata” and “Ceke” the later being a truncated form of my name “Waceke.” This is where cultural nuances and influences come into play. These words are native to the Kikuyu tribe, one of the over 40 tribal groups found in Kenya.
Tata is the Kikuyu word for “Auntie,” a name that holds a powerful part of my identity as a “Tata” to 8 amazing nephews and nieces… and my heart smiles at the sound of it, at the thought of it, at the very suggestion of it. When my nephews and nieces use TataCeke, or when someone asks me about it, a flood of memories, experiences, sights, sounds, emotions, laughter, tears…fueling my spirit, feeding my soul. This is part of my story.


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Are you concerned about your future? The state of the world? How to best navigate the options, or lack thereof life is throwing your way?

Welcome to Victory in Mind.

The Podcast that focuses on practical strategies and actionable solutions, on how to best mentally position ourselves in navigating our daily lives, towards living out our created potential. Together, our tribe will motivate, activate, educate, engage, challenge and inspire us all, towards our created potential.

Waceke Wambaa